Facebook A Racist

Facebook is a platform that we all post our images/photos to share with family and friends. Facebook is an American company that has global offices in other countries including Africa.

According to their community standards African woman are not permitted to share there pictures on Facebook, the pictures are immediately deleted and considered by racist facebook employees as inappropriate and unsuitable for their community.

The question i should ask Facebook is ? why do you have Facebook in Africa if you do not accept our woman on the platform.

Film Africa TV Yabantu is a television network that stands and produces content in order to inform, entertain,educate,  protect, and preserve the African Culture through Film and photography, Tv Yabantu is doing what every other Tv Network out there does for its people. But when it is done by Africans, then it becomes a problem to white supremacy.

Facebook deleted the Film Africa TV Yabantu page with its  over 30 000 followers even after explaining to them several times regarding our values and culture, But still chose to disregard our communication.


Below are some examples series of images that have been removed by Facebook.


facebook deletes african pictures

facebook ndebele


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