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Virgin Pround To Be An African

Goddess Pround To Be An African

i am an African, i need a mirror desparately to see myself, my reflection to see the reality that i am . i was born with a scent of wild flowers in the air, the smell of wood fires and cooking pot . i was born to be proud of being an African . i […]

Censorship Google | Facebook 03/08/2018

Support Our Fight DONATE : GOOGLE & FACEBOOK MUST IMMIDIATELY: 1. Stop abusing our woman and children. 2. Stop sexualising children. 3. Stop using policies that undermines or insults other peoples’s dignity. 4. Stop age restricting bonafide African Traditions and its content. 5. Stop suggesting African Traditions as inappropriate . 6. Stop suggesting African […]

Ntsiki Mazwai Hamba Poetry

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