Nomkhubulwane is a goddess and mother nature of all things, the goddess provides rain , fertility and harvest. In this episode, the goddess maidens, prepare the harvest for Nomkhubulwane, prayer and ritual as offerings to their highest Goddess Nomkhubulwane.


Umkhonto – when a goddess reaches her 21st birthday, an uncle will hand a spear to the Goddess. The spear represents the uncle as the protector. when the uncle gives the spear this means he now trust that she can take care of herself. she is now free to make own decisions. she can now […]
Umhlonyane ka nokubonga


When a girl reaches age 16, the farther slaughters a Goat for her daughter as a means to show appreciation and to thank the ancestors for taking care of her.  Nokubonga celebrates her 16th birthday in a traditional way, gear up and enjoy this wonderful day.

Umemulo Ka Lungile Nkabinde part2of2

Umemulo : In this episode, the Goddess is a famous artist with lots of followers. celebrating her growth into woman hood, she invites her fans and celebrities. the turn up is overwhelming accompanied by other famous musicians and Tv personalities, this a must watch best Umemulo of the year.
hlanzekile Buthelezi

Hlanzekile Buthelezi

Hlanzekile Buthelezi is an Afrikan Goddess who loves and follows her herritage, enjoy and feel the experience and the surrounding as she prepares for her celebration on this special day of uMemulo . She also has a surprise visit by the Xhosa Goddesses.
umemulo ka zinhle msinga

Umemulo Ka Zinhle Emsinga part1of2

In this episode Zinhle is eager for her Memulo to go well, she is is visited by zuluwhitegirl as she learns more about the Zulu culture and experiencing some Zulu skin treatments at the same time taking a bath the way. Enlightening enjoy.
zulu virgins ceremony episodes – UMEMULO ka Duduzile

zulu virgins ceremony episodes

when a Goddess reaches her 21st Birthday and still a virgin , the father slaughters a cow and a goat as appreciation. with such a very strict father and the gates to freedom about to open, how far does he go to protect his beloved daughter.
Umemulo Sweets Tradition

Umemulo ka Zinhle Sweets Tradition part2of2

The sweet tradition is a follow up after Umemulo. The princesses are wearing hats covered with sweets all over, enjoying the sweet gifts from the celebration by seating together sharing, singing, dancing and eating the sweets. All the sweet gifts from the Umemulo celebration is shared with family and friends.