A beautiful journey into life as a goddess, ceremonies , customs and rituals of an afro-goddess.


When a goddess reaches her maturity stage, a ritual ceremony umemulo is done by her parents as a key to womanhood. The initiation.


Ukuthomba – when a goddess reaches puberty , it is worth the celebration, ngwemabala is excited to prepare and go through the journey to womanhood.

umemulo we ntombi nto

This is not just umemulo, but a musical battle and dance. In this episode like you never seen before, Goddesses from various kingdoms show you what  they got ..

Umkhosi Womhlanga Reed Dance

Umkhosi Womhlanga – Reed Dance is an annual event that is attended by various African Goddesses from all kingdoms, the gathering is a sisterhood meeting to share , talk, dance, inspire and empower one another through music and dance.  


Nomkhubulwane is a goddess and mother nature of all things, the goddess provides rain , fertility and harvest. In this episode, the goddess maidens, prepare the harvest for Nomkhubulwane, prayer and ritual as offerings to their highest Goddess Nomkhubulwane.

umemulo ka luyanda

Umemulo – set in the beautiful nature at Msinga,  the ceremony takes you on a journey to initiation of a true goddess, in this amazing Zulu ceremony ..


Mpumi is a creative actress, singer and a dancer, watch as she prepares for her special day Umemulo. The regalia plays an important role, and will the goddess meet up to her mark ?, watch now …
UMHLONYANA episodes | Thando

Umhlonyana Episodes | Thando

In this episode Thando and her mpelesi (bride maids) must stick together to make this celebration an outstanding one. The event is put to a surprise by a drunk bystander .