Afrikan Gods Series part3

Afrikan Gods Series One – PART 3

Those who call evil good and good evil are as good as dead, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter. Being a true Goddess comes with greater responsibility and i this day and age where promiscuity is rife. Staying ture to yourself becomes a […]
zulu virgins ceremony episodes – UMEMULO ka Duduzile

zulu virgins ceremony episodes

when a Goddess reaches her 21st Birthday and still a virgin , the father slaughters a cow and a goat as appreciation. with such a very strict father and the gates to freedom about to open, how far does he go to protect his beloved daughter.
umemulo ka zinhle msinga

Umemulo Ka Zinhle Emsinga part1of2

In this episode Zinhle is eager for her Memulo to go well, she is is visited by zuluwhitegirl as she learns more about the Zulu culture and experiencing some Zulu skin treatments at the same time taking a bath the way. Enlightening enjoy.
Umhlonyane ka nokubonga


When a girl reaches age 16, the farther slaughters a Goat for her daughter as a means to show appreciation and to thank the ancestors for taking care of her.  Nokubonga celebrates her 16th birthday in a traditional way, gear up and enjoy this wonderful day.

Virgin Girls In Gautang- Amatshitshi

Talk show, Dance and Drama, in a day of a tshitshi. In this western dominated world Africans are still conquered by white supremacy, and to keep and reclaim own identity the struggle for freedom continues.