A beautiful journey into life as a goddess, ceremonies , customs and rituals of an afro-goddess.

Ukube Ubekhona Ugogo

When a mother goddess passes on. Her influence and legacy lives on. The goddesses celebrate umemulo for the first time in the absence of their mother goddess. Emotions run high.

umemulo ka luyanda

Umemulo – set in the beautiful nature at Msinga,  the ceremony takes you on a journey to initiation of a true goddess, in this amazing Zulu ceremony ..


When a goddess reaches her maturity stage, a ritual ceremony umemulo is done by her parents as a key to womanhood. The initiation.


A journey to womanhood, when a goddess reaches her 21st a initiation ritual is done by her family as appreciation for her purity Umemulo.

umemulo we ntombi nto

This is not just umemulo, but a musical battle and dance. In this episode like you never seen before, Goddesses from various kingdoms show you what  they got ..

Ukupha Ukudla

Ukupha Ukudla meaning giving food is a ceremony done as a remembrance for the spirits that have moved on from this life. In this episode, a brother remembers is late father, brother and wife and at the same time doing a coming of age ceremony (umemulo) for his late brother’s daughter.


Mpumi is a creative actress, singer and a dancer, watch as she prepares for her special day Umemulo. The regalia plays an important role, and will the goddess meet up to her mark ?, watch now …