iDlozi yini ?. liyenzeka kanjani, liphuma kanjani emuntwini, lingumuntu, liyaphila, liphila emuntwini ophilayo lapha emhlabeni . Thokozani ..

Umqombothi part 2of3

Umqombothi – Is a traditional African beer, made from sorghum and mealie meal. I this 2nd episode Zuluwhitegirl takes her skills on test and prepares the beer. The young man who is the initiator arrives and is welcome and amazed by the goddesses as he goes into a big surprise of the freshly tasty and […]

Umavovo The Snake Man | Sangoma

A Sangoma is a special gifted Traditional African healer or doctor. Their purpose is to heal, give spiritual guidance and communication with the ancestors. The Sangomas uses natural muthi (medicine) to do treatments. They use roots from various plants and trees.