A beautiful journey into life as a goddess, ceremonies , customs and rituals of an afro-goddess.


Mpande  – An amazing journey in – to the natural lives and pure lifestyle of three Goddesses as they share there nature and beauty  in the jungles of southern afrika ..

Umqombothi part 3of3

Umqombothi – Is a traditional African beer, made from sorghum and mealie meal. I this 3rd episode, its the day of the celebration, the goat is slaughtered, the guests are served, Magic happens in the end as it rains to show that the ancestors are happy.


Umqombothi – Part 1 of 3-  Is a traditional African beer, made from sorghum and mealie meal. In this first episode Zuluwhitegirl is taken onto a journey of discovery on how Mqombothi is prepared and served to guests at the upcoming event of Ancestors thanks giving.

Umkhonto Trailer

WATCH FULL VIDEO : Umkhonto – when a goddess reaches her 21st birthday, an uncle will hand a spear to the Goddess. The spear represents the uncle as the protector. when the uncle gives the spear this means he now trust that she can take care of herself. she is now free to make own […]

Umhlonyana Wamawele Episode 2

In this Umhlonyana Episode, the twins Bongiwe and Sibongile go through a journey of self discovery, the goats are slaughtered emotions are high and the celebration goes on.


Slaughtered : For every celebration, a Cow, Goat, Sheep, or a Chicken is slaughtered. The techniques used varies with each tribe. – This Is The Zulu Land- The Cow, Ox or Bull is slaughtered to request blessings from ancestors or to seek forgiveness for wrong doings.