Google And Facebook Woman Abuse

The Godly maidens took it to the streets to bring awareness to social media woman and children abuse. The Maidens demanded that Google and Facebook must immediately seize their attack on Africa Culture or there will be consequences ! 1. Stop abusing our woman and children. 2. Stop sexualising children. 3. Stop using policies that […]

Mugabe the legend lives on

Mugabe : white man exposes the truth : Zimbabwe’s plight: Nothing will improve when is gone SOURCE :Special to The Globe and Mail   Gerald Caplan is an Africa scholar, a former New Democratic Party national director and a regular panelist on CBC’s Power & Politics. For the overwhelming number of its African citizens, Zimbabwe […]

cultural imperialism

NEW APARTHEID ! CULTURAL IMPERIALISM The Cambridge dictionary quite simply defines cultural imperialism as one “culture of a large and powerful country, organization, etc. having a great influence on another less powerful country.This is just a basic dictionary definition of the term. The dictionary explains it as culture of a large and powerful country, but […]


Not the first time Tumi Morake insulted whites‚ BCCSA told. Cultural imperialism in the era of ‘democracy’ must falsify reality in the imperial country to justify aggression — by converting victims into aggressors and aggressors into victims. Last month was not the first time that radio personality and comedian Tumi Morake made offensive comments towards […]

Google Persists On Sexualising African Culture

On Thursday 12 October, Tv Yabantu sent a final email letter to Google asking to reconsider there attitude towards African woman and its related content of our cultural events and videos. THERE HAS NOT BEEN ANY REPLY FROM GOOGLE. The story was quickly published by Mail & Guardian read here,  and was further quickly picked […]

Hey Google, our breasts aren’t sexual’

‘Hey Google, our breasts aren’t sexual’ Simon Allison 12 Oct 2017 12:22 Protesters gathered in Durban to challenge Google’s restrictions on cultural content and to force it to rethink its guidelines on nudity, arguing this policy perpetuates racist views about certain African cultural practices. (Photo:TV Yabantu) Nobukhosi Mtshali felt a little lost when she first […]

Facebook Racist – African Woman speak out

Read more info about our history with Google/Youtube and facebook by visiting the link : Support Our Fight DONATE : TV : web : https:/