Ukube Ubekhona Ugogo

When a mother goddess passes on. Her influence and legacy lives on. The goddesses celebrate umemulo for the first time in the absence of their mother goddess. Emotions run high.

umemulo ka luyanda

Umemulo – set in the beautiful nature at Msinga,  the ceremony takes you on a journey to initiation of a true goddess, in this amazing Zulu ceremony ..

umemulo we ntombi nto

This is not just umemulo, but a musical battle and dance. In this episode like you never seen before, Goddesses from various kingdoms show you what  they got ..

Ukhuliswa Kwentombi

Ukhuliswa Kwe Ntombi nto – Coming from a royal family means a different way of celebrating. Wearing a grass costume signifies royalty and purity and it is of greater much importance to the African Goddesses.

Umemulo Ka Lungile Nkabinde part2of2

Umemulo : In this episode, the Goddess is a famous artist with lots of followers. celebrating her growth into woman hood, she invites her fans and celebrities. the turn up is overwhelming accompanied by other famous musicians and Tv personalities, this a must watch best Umemulo of the year.