umemulo we ntombi nto

This is not just umemulo, but a musical battle and dance. In this episode like you never seen before, Goddesses from various kingdoms show you what  they got ..

Umemulo Ka Lungile Nkabinde part2of2

Umemulo : In this episode, the Goddess is a famous artist with lots of followers. celebrating her growth into woman hood, she invites her fans and celebrities. the turn up is overwhelming accompanied by other famous musicians and Tv personalities, this a must watch best Umemulo of the year.

African Women Stars Message to girls (must watch)

Subtitles As i was saying my friend… That if we all can seat down… Then teach each other.. We could really move forward, with this virginity testing of girls.. We will keep moving forward because, this is a very beautiful thing.. It teaches, by putting us in a better position as the virgins Because we […]