umemulo ka luyanda

Umemulo – set in the beautiful nature at Msinga,  the ceremony takes you on a journey to initiation of a true goddess, in this amazing Zulu ceremony ..
Umemulo Sweets Tradition

Umemulo ka Zinhle Sweets Tradition part2of2

The sweet tradition is a follow up after Umemulo. The princesses are wearing hats covered with sweets all over, enjoying the sweet gifts from the celebration by seating together sharing, singing, dancing and eating the sweets. All the sweet gifts from the Umemulo celebration is shared with family and friends.
umemulo ka zinhle msinga

Umemulo Ka Zinhle Emsinga part1of2

In this episode Zinhle is eager for her Memulo to go well, she is is visited by zuluwhitegirl as she learns more about the Zulu culture and experiencing some Zulu skin treatments at the same time taking a bath the way. Enlightening enjoy.