A beautiful journey into life as a goddess, ceremonies , customs and rituals of an afro-goddess.

Nomkhubulwane 2023

Nomkhubulwane is a goddess of rain . A highly spiritual ritual, The goddesses gather and pray to Nomkhubulwane the higher goddess for rain and harvest.

Umemulo ka Lethiwe Zulu

Making her parents proud is what drives her ambition. She is a royal blood and so is her ceremony. In this episode learn more about the traditional Zulu  imizi made out of green grass, which is only worn by royals goddesses on celebrating Umemulo.
UMHLONYANA episodes | Thando

Umhlonyana Episodes | Thando

In this episode Thando and her mpelesi (bride maids) must stick together to make this celebration an outstanding one. The event is put to a surprise by a drunk bystander .

Umhlonyana Wamawele Episode 2

In this Umhlonyana Episode, the twins Bongiwe and Sibongile go through a journey of self discovery, the goats are slaughtered emotions are high and the celebration goes on.