A journey to womanhood, when a goddess reaches her 21st a initiation ritual is done by her family as appreciation for her purity Umemulo.


Mpumi is a creative actress, singer and a dancer, watch as she prepares for her special day Umemulo. The regalia plays an important role, and will the goddess meet up to her mark ?, watch now …

Umemulo Ka Sne

In a small village in kwazulu Natal, a cow is slaughtered. It is an often celebrated umemulo ceremony . The goddess is showered by cash and gifts, this is a must watch ceremony of the year.

Nomkhubulwane Goddess

Nomkhubulwane is a mother of all things, the rain goddess , the source of fertility,  abundance of life . In this series the goddesses focus on the effects of covid , value of land for the people and the future of their children.

Umkhosi Womhlanga Reed Dance

Umkhosi Womhlanga – Reed Dance is an annual event that is attended by various African Goddesses from all kingdoms, the gathering is a sisterhood meeting to share , talk, dance, inspire and empower one another through music and dance.  
Afrikan Gods Series part3

Afrikan Gods Series One – PART 3

Those who call evil good and good evil are as good as dead, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter. Being a true Goddess comes with greater responsibility and i this day and age where promiscuity is rife. Staying ture to yourself becomes a […]
umemulo ka zinhle msinga

Umemulo Ka Zinhle Emsinga part1of2

In this episode Zinhle is eager for her Memulo to go well, she is is visited by zuluwhitegirl as she learns more about the Zulu culture and experiencing some Zulu skin treatments at the same time taking a bath the way. Enlightening enjoy.