Nomkhubulwane 2023

Nomkhubulwane is a goddess of rain . A highly spiritual ritual, The goddesses gather and pray to Nomkhubulwane the higher goddess for rain and harvest.


Umqombothi – Part 1 of 3-  Is a traditional African beer, made from sorghum and mealie meal. In this first episode Zuluwhitegirl is taken onto a journey of discovery on how Mqombothi is prepared and served to guests at the upcoming event of Ancestors thanks giving.
Umhlonyane ka nokubonga


When a girl reaches age 16, the farther slaughters a Goat for her daughter as a means to show appreciation and to thank the ancestors for taking care of her.  Nokubonga celebrates her 16th birthday in a traditional way, gear up and enjoy this wonderful day.

Umhlonyana Wamawele Episode 2

In this Umhlonyana Episode, the twins Bongiwe and Sibongile go through a journey of self discovery, the goats are slaughtered emotions are high and the celebration goes on.

The Hunter

The life of a hunter-gatherer is close to us all. To understand their lives is to understand our own roots and those principles that govern our lives today.