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ukubaluleka kwabesfazane

Abesfazane, ukubaluleka , sibanakekela kanjani, uyini umuntu wesfazane empilweni yethu lana emzansi africa. Ungumama, ungusisi, ungugogo, ngumakhothi …


iDlozi yini ?. liyenzeka kanjani, liphuma kanjani emuntwini, lingumuntu, liyaphila, liphila emuntwini ophilayo lapha emhlabeni . Thokozani ..

Apartheid Did Not Die (vuka muntu omnyama).

Apartheid is institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination that exists in South Africa, legalized racism that still operates in today. Most is seen and felt in the struggle for economic development and transformation. Apartheid is still alive but in a new different form.
Jacob Zuma New Wife – Censorship by ENCA

Jacob Zuma New Wife – Censorship by ENCA

Jacob Zuma New Wife – Censorship by ENCA see also: TV Yabantu WEB : TV : MOVIES :

Censorship Google | Facebook 03/08/2018

Support Our Fight DONATE : GOOGLE & FACEBOOK MUST IMMIDIATELY: 1. Stop abusing our woman and children. 2. Stop sexualising children. 3. Stop using policies that undermines or insults other peoples’s dignity. 4. Stop age restricting bonafide African Traditions and its content. 5. Stop suggesting African Traditions as inappropriate . 6. Stop suggesting African […]

Facebook Racist – African Woman speak out

Read more info about our history with Google/Youtube and facebook by visiting the link : Support Our Fight DONATE : TV : web : https:/