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Umqombothi part 2of3

Umqombothi – Is a traditional African beer, made from sorghum and mealie meal. I this 2nd episode Zuluwhitegirl takes her skills on test and prepares the beer. The young man who is the initiator arrives and is welcome and amazed by the goddesses as he goes into a big surprise of the freshly tasty and […]


Umqombothi – Part 1 of 3-  Is a traditional African beer, made from sorghum and mealie meal. In this first episode Zuluwhitegirl is taken onto a journey of discovery on how Mqombothi is prepared and served to guests at the upcoming event of Ancestors thanks giving. +2537-6
Omkhula 2018  – JOZI  JOZI
Omkhula 2018  – JOZI  JOZI
Omkhula 2018  – JOZI  JOZI

Omkhula 2018 – JOZI JOZI

In the busy corners of Johannesburg, Omkhula rocks the crowds with their non stoppable jokes that make you cry, feel intimidated and at the same time laughing out loud. This is comedy genius series : Watch More Movies: Landing Page +1-1
Umemulo Ka Lungile Nkabinde part2of2

Umemulo Ka Lungile Nkabinde part2of2

Umemulo : In this episode, the Goddess is a famous artist with lots of followers. celebrating her growth into woman hood, she invites her fans and celebrities. the turn up is overwhelming accompanied by other famous musicians and Tv personalities, this a must watch best Umemulo of the year. +1242-4
Umemulo Ka Sne

Umemulo Ka Sne

In a small village in kwazulu Natal, a cow is slaughtered. It is an often celebrated umemulo ceremony . The goddess is showered by cash and gifts, this is a must watch ceremony of the year. +298-8


Imvelo – Without knowing your roots, you will never know who you are and where you come from. In this Afrikan Gods Series ,The Goddesses are put on a test to discover their true identity. Its all about show off , My culture , My pride. Enjoy. +3506-6
reed dance
umemulo kwa zuma part 2 | Movie Duration :33min29sec

umemulo kwa zuma part 2 | Movie Duration :33min29sec

Umemulo – is when a girl reaches her 21st birthday and is stil a virgin?, the father will do a celebration for the girl in appreciation of her purity. Umemulo usiko lwesiZulu, olwenzelwa intombazane uma iziphathe kahle ebuntombini bayo yangabaphoxa abazali bayo   +790


Umkhonto – when a goddess reaches her 21st birthday, an uncle will hand a spear to the Goddess. The spear represents the uncle as the protector. when the uncle gives the spear this means he now trust that she can take care of herself. she is now free to make own decisions. she can now […]
Afrikan Gods Series part3

Afrikan Gods Series One – PART 3

Those who call evil good and good evil are as good as dead, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter. Being a true Goddess comes with greater responsibility and i this day and age where promiscuity is rife. Staying ture to yourself becomes a […]